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Empowering PMETs Professionals for Greater Success

The Professionals Institute is in the business of helping BUSY PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Tech) do well in their careers and goals by taking care of their Personal and Career Development through our Signature Success T-C-M Program ® (See below)







We help Busy PMETs overcome their Challenges

Lack of time

Lack of time to focus on personal development (eg: you cannot just water your plant once a year)

Overwhelming Content

Too much “good” training materials online & not curated (Where to start? What to read?)

No Accountability

No Accountability to keep the momentum (to go far, we have to go together, African Proverb)

Little Networking

Lack of professionals networking for career development (who you know is important for upward and lateral mobility)

How we help you grow ?

We focus on holistic intentional personal development

We inject professionals networking to help you connect strategically

Our programs focus on PMETs development by competencies

Are you ready for greater success!


More about our Signature Success T-C-M Program ®

Training – Coaching – Mentoring (TCM) Program ®

Training includes:



Workshops are full days hands on sessions in 1 specific topic or program



Forums are sessions where you have sharing plus expert panels discussions

Master Classes

Master Classes

Master Classes are full day hands on sessions by different experts for different topics



Webinars are online training by various professionals on key topical areas



Seminars are training by subject matter experts in various topics of interests

Online Modules

Online Modules

Online training comprises of video training by our various speakers and experts

Competency Training – Success Roadmaps

Our Training are designed by “Success Roadmaps” – which is a series of Training designed to help you build and strengthen you key work and career competencies. This program is administered through live training sessions as well as curated online training and reading materials. There will be self-assessments and presentations and white papers to help you internalize your learning.  By getting the Learner to present what they learn, we also help them to position themselves as a content expert.


Coaching is an essential elements for success in today’s context.  A quick look will reveal that most Top Executives and CEOs work with Coaches to improve their Personal Productivity and Performance.  A Coach is an objective person who helps you to see beyond your Blind Spot and who inspire you to stretch yourself to achieve more than you can ever imagine ! We offer 2 types of Coaching depending on your Budget:

  • Performance Coaching (One-On-One Coaching)
  • Group Coaching (More affordable 1 to many Coaching Format)


Mentoring is more Broad-based and Holistic (aka Relational) as compared to Coaching (more specific to develop certain skills sets).  It usually involve a more experienced business / professional person who has walk the walk before and who are in a better position to speak into the younger executive’s lives as someone who has been there and done it.  There are 2 types of Mentoring:

  • One-On-One Mentoring
  • Group Mentoring